Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Work!

Summer is here and I've been spending lots of time at the studio getting ready for an exciting show I will be part of opening next month at the Bloomington Art Center. Unfortunately, all this time working has left little time to update this site! Below are a series of three 8x18" pieces I've recently finished for the show!

"She Saw What She Wanted to See..." | oil on canvas
"The Lake" | oil on canvas
"Something Seemed Fishy to the Locals" | oil on canvas

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Art-A-Whirl 2014

"Pippi Pufferton's Grand Underwater Adventure"| 24x60"| 2014
Art-A-Whirl 2014 is here! Please join the artists of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District as we open our studios to the public for this annual event! Bring a date, bring the family - there's something for EVERYONE!

Hours for this year's Whirl:
Friday, May 16th | 5-10 pm
Saturday, May 17th | 12-8 pm
Sunday, May 18th | 12-5 pm

I am located in the Northrup King Building (www.northrupkingbuilding.com) - the largest artist complex in Minneapolis. My studio is on the 2nd floor (#274) across from Danish Teak Classics. 

More information about Art-A-Whirl at www.nemaa.org.

Hope to see you there!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

High Hopes...

As a painter I am always surprised by what happens when I put paint to canvas. I know many artists that know exactly what a painting will look like long before a brush ever touches the canvas. Not me.

I love not knowing in advance the potential a blank canvas holds. Although most of my paintings "feel" done after working on them for a few weeks, there are some that need coddling much longer and go through several phases before I feel they are exactly what they should be.

You can see an example of this below. The work originally titled "In These Lines From Time to Time" went through 3 revisions before becoming an entirely different painting with a new title, "High Hopes For Low Tide" finished (at last) in January.