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As a young child I had a 70s style Technicolor patchwork quilt. This was my “nap” quilt in preschool but unfortunately its vibrant colors and wild patterns were so distracting I would spend the whole of naptime looking at all the shapes and colors and trying to make some sort of sense of it all. By the time naptime was over each day, I was always good and tired and ready for rest. Fast forward many years and though I no longer have a crazy quilt keeping me awake, my mind still plays this Tetris sort of game mixing and matching colors and shapes before I fall asleep each night. I imagine it is my mind’s way of clearing itself for a good night’s rest. However, the play of colors and composition are so fascinating and beautiful that I’m drawn to recreate the fluidity and feeling of these images in my waking life. My paintings in oil use abstracted organic imagery and a dynamic palette of earthy color to capture this moment between waking life and sleep.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Facebook Art Challenge 2015

Today I completed the Facebook Art Challenge. If you don't know about it, it's a 5 day challenge where an artist is asked to post 3 images of their work each day and then nominates another person daily to participate and do the same.

It was (even if only selfishly) fun to revisit my paintings over the years and see the progression of my work. Also quite enjoyable to nominate other artists and see how their work has changed over time.

If you'd like to see my Art Challenge, please check out the Megan Bell Studio page to see all 5 days of the challenge and also find out who I nominated each day.

In the meantime, here's a sneak peak of work from 2000-2015!

"Cafe" | oil on canvas | 12x12" | 2000 | Private Collection
"Unfettered and Alive" | oil on canvas | 48x48" | 2015

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