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As a young child I had a 70s style Technicolor patchwork quilt. This was my “nap” quilt in preschool but unfortunately its vibrant colors and wild patterns were so distracting I would spend the whole of naptime looking at all the shapes and colors and trying to make some sort of sense of it all. By the time naptime was over each day, I was always good and tired and ready for rest. Fast forward many years and though I no longer have a crazy quilt keeping me awake, my mind still plays this Tetris sort of game mixing and matching colors and shapes before I fall asleep each night. I imagine it is my mind’s way of clearing itself for a good night’s rest. However, the play of colors and composition are so fascinating and beautiful that I’m drawn to recreate the fluidity and feeling of these images in my waking life. My paintings in oil use abstracted organic imagery and a dynamic palette of earthy color to capture this moment between waking life and sleep.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hot town, summer in the city...

New works! July 2015
 There's something about summer in Minnesota that provides endless creative inspiration and motivation.

Mother Nature works overtime from June to August to effectively erase memories of the -40 degree temperatures and bleak, colorless landscape that dominate these parts half of the year. She gives us a million reasons to stay put even though we threaten to leave every February in search of warmer weather. These are the days we remember and long for each winter.

It's July. Days are long and warm and it feels like one can accomplish just about anything they put their minds to. For me, it's the perfect storm when it comes to productivity at the studio and the reason I've finished 6 new paintings so far this month (with another 4 new paintings in progress!).

My latest works are most definitely inspired by this place and time with hopes that they will transport us back during those long, cold days of winter and remind us why we stay on.

I have just finished 5 new 8x8" oil paintings on panel (above) inspired by Minnesota's unique natural landscape. I've also started a couple of 30x30" panels in the same style as well. So much fun to veer off in a completely new direction every so often! Hoping others will enjoy these as much as I do!

"Car Wash" | 16x20" | oil on panel | $425
I don't often show work in progress as it can change so dramatically from beginning to end. However, I'm so excited about these new 30x30" panels (below) inspired by our Minnesota lakes, I can't wait to show them off! Come on by this Saturday to see this painting and other works in progress!
New 30x30" lake inspired panel in progress!
In the meantime, thank you again for your continued support. It means a lot to me and everyone else in our artist community that you all keep coming back again and again! More than you know. This weekend I will have the studio open (and AIR CONDITIONED!) for Open Studio Saturdays from 12-4. Incidentally, I will NOT be open for First Thursdays in August but will be back for Northrup King Nights (August 15th) and First Thursdays in September and October! Hope to see you at an event soon!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New beginnings!

Here it is July 1st already. I hope, like me, you've had an enjoyable start to summer (though it's only officially begun)!

With the new season upon us, it always feels like a proper time to make big life changes, don't you agree? Perhaps I've been influenced by watching the army of Monarch Caterpillars we've housed make their amazing transformations from egg to chrysalis (still waiting for them to make their big butterfly reveal). I am still amazed every time I watch the caterpillars shed their skin and turn into the bright green chrysalis and wonder how they knew they had it in them all along? There's an inspirational lesson in there somewhere, I'm sure.

My transformation may not be as speedy and awe inspiring as the caterpillar's but there have been a few things I've been working on over the past month that I'm excited to reveal, nonetheless.

First, with my studio mate, Mike's, departure, I have been working hard getting the studio into some kind of new order. I forgot what it is like to have so much space as it's been 7 years since I had the studio on my own. I'll miss Mike a lot but have to admit that I'm already loving having a dedicated work space, storage, and room to spread out again.

All of this new space has got me thinking about new work. After a recent trip up north to Crow Wing State Park, I had the idea to do some studies on panel board based on photos I often take in such settings - close ups of trees, water, grass, etc. The first two in the series are not inspired by any specific imagery but felt like a good way to flesh out the idea a bit and see if the results would come close to what I imagined in my head. My goal is to be able to create a series of these new paintings on large 36x36" panel boards and show them along with the photos that have inspired the series. Until then, here are a couple of the 8x8"studies on panel board.

"Agate Beach (Study)" | 8x8" | oil on panel

"Tree Bark (Study)" | 8x8" | oil on panel
If you are around tomorrow night (Thursday) and looking for something to do, please come by the Northrup King Building for First Thursdays in the Arts District. I will be open from 5-9 pm. (Incidentally, I will not be open for August's First Thursday due to a scheduling conflict).  Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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